Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Street OverLord Review

As a consumer of male enhancement products (because of current medications) my most recent attempt was with the product Street Over Lord. Because of this products current success on the market I would like to expand on the head ache pain associated with many of these products. The pain is pin pointed to the frontal right lobe. According to research it seems to be caused from a single chemical sprayed into the pill to compensate for not having the structural chemical compound of the prescription pills on the market.
 The Street Overlord product did work immediately to stiffen my member but when the head pain started two hours after ingestion, I was no longer able to enjoy the activity. Instead of taking my time and enjoying myself and my partner it was more of a fuck like a rabbit, get this over with type of activity. Then the twelve hours of intensive headache pain was enough to make me second guess testing product on the Ed market when, I have already found a safe effective alternative.
One of the great benefits to S-Rock is the only way to get head pain from this product is to miss use it and take more than one in 24 hours. So there is incentive not to overdose, incentive in the cost comparison, and incentive in the active ingredients that work when using S-Rock erectile refunction product.  For more information on this product and more visit